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  • Zombie Stripper

    It looks awesome. I love zombies.

  • Stargazer

    This tattoos was a design to cover up my horrid first tattoo. It was meant to be an amazing work of art in place of something ugly.

  • Winter Dream

    My sister and I said that if we ever started a band, it would be called Bloody Winter, this was due to be our symbol. I got this tattoo to remind me to never give up on a dream.

  • anarchy

    A tough time in my life. The anarchy bliod and gun with kanji symbol for death represent a lot of thoughts and feelings ive had through my short but intense life.

  • Iggy’s Brass Knuckles

    Iggy is my son’s name…. and this mama would fight for her baby 😉

  • Green Gas Mask

  • Nosferatu

    I am an old film fanatic! I find myself watching all of the old films on TCM(Turner Classic Movies) rather than watching what anyone would call normal television. I also have a slight obsession with vampires. This tattoo represents my… [ read more ]