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  • elephant flash water color tattoo

    Baby elephant tattoo done by C.K. Tattoo. Location: Athens, Greece Studio: Black Revolver It’s the youth, the madness, the purity i have as a person and i always wanna remember myself playfull.

  • Snowflake

    I absolutely love my new tattoo! Every snowflake is different and beautiful regardless of what that particular snowflake looks like.. To me, my neck tattoo reminds me of that. It reminds me of the beauty of just being myself. Plus,… [ read more ]

  • Eye See You


  • Bird tattoo

    My own design, art student

  • Lost Love

    The bird has the key to the chained heart. Where ever the bird goes the love goes too.

  • The call of Chtulhu

    This tattoo rapresent my kind of inspiration in poetry and all of arts. This Chtulhu is a symbol of the old and fascinating horror, narrated by Lovecraft. This is the symbol of those who want to represent their own emotions… [ read more ]

  • Roses for Rose

    These we’re made or my Little sister and niece named Rose.

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