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  • for my deceased dad & granny

    my dad & granny passed away a few years ago & when they did i wanted to get their names on me, i love the colour blue & i like butterflies also i like to think that with the butterflies… [ read more ]

  • New School Sailor Jerry Skull Cross Bones Heart

    I love traditional Sailor Jerry flash art. All of my favorite pieces are traditional. I got this one in Las Vegas at the Skin Factory. For me, this piece represents my personality. I can be viewed as a pretty dark… [ read more ]

  • dedicated fallen soldier

    I went and got this tattoo done the day after one of my best friends past away. It is in his memory and it is the single most significant tattoo I have. Quintin Lopez is his name which is what… [ read more ]

  • Blue Eye


  • Blue Phoenix

    It’s an image I’ve admired for such a long time and was finally able to get. It’s meaningful to me because it represents the fact that, despite all the crap and knock-downs I’ve had to endure, I still come back… [ read more ]

  • Cardinal and blue jay

    My Grandpa passed away 16 years ago i was about 5 years old. I don’t have many memories of him but the ones i do have i won’t let myself forget. He was a Blue Jays fan and ever since… [ read more ]

  • La catrina

    Tattoo itself is a photo of a lady done up as a La catrina and at this point I was at a “end of the world” party when finding her. Took the photo to my artist and said I want… [ read more ]

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