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  • Hibiscus

    Symbolize’s beauty & feminine

  • Octopus engulfing shark

    Im obsessed with all things from the sea and nautical so I adore this tattoo. I also like to be different x

  • Poison Dart Frog

    Very first time and thats all it took. Tattoo qoute is “I will forgive but I wont forget”

  • Skulls and Roses

    Skulls and flowers represent beautiful, colorful life and death

  • image

  • muse2

    This tattoo is a faithful representation of Picasso’s Girl Before Mirror, a painting featuring Picasso’s mistress Marie-Therese. It reflects the dualistic nature of all of us and our attempts to reconcile the image in the mirror with our own self… [ read more ]

  • colored

    This tattoo is a reflection of all the people I have lost in my life. The significance of the sunflowers comes from my Ukrainian heritage.

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