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  • Over the years

    Dragon tattoo and calligraphy as a symbol of friendship and growing up in Asia, Shakespearean quote and yin yang symbol to represent love to brother, the Buddha in honor and memory of mother.

  • Sleeve Part 1

  • Half Sleeve in progress

    The tribal Panther was the first tattoo i ever had , and unfortunately like most people it had no meaning whats so-ever .The script ” to understand everything is to forgive everything ” is a buddha quote , i got… [ read more ]

  • Tara Buddha

    My first really huge piece. Goes along with my spiritual journey this far in my life.

  • Dancing Kuan Yin

    This tattoo originally was stared for a woman named Joyce Kemp. Although we weren’t actually related, I considered her to be my grandmother who taught me pretty much everything I know. She was the most compassionate person in my life,… [ read more ]

  • Buddha

  • Brooklyn

    It was more of personal preference rather than some deep meaning I saw it and liked it not all tattoos have to have a backstory

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