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  • Dancing Kuan Yin

    This tattoo originally was stared for a woman named Joyce Kemp. Although we weren’t actually related, I considered her to be my grandmother who taught me pretty much everything I know. She was the most compassionate person in my life,… [ read more ]

  • Buddha

  • Brooklyn

    It was more of personal preference rather than some deep meaning I saw it and liked it not all tattoos have to have a backstory

  • Buddha Inside Om

    I believe in Lord Buddha and his thoughts as well as principles.

  • Buddha

  • Buddha and monk

    Calming life style

  • Buddha Love

    I am a practicing Buddhist, so Buddha having a center spot in my back was always what I wanted. The Dharma wheel signifies the teachings of the Buddha, as each stoke represents one of his teachings (I.e. Generosity, Kindness, Tolerance,… [ read more ]