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  • Three Fates

    This tattoo represents my past, present, and future. Starting on the bottom (thigh) portion of the piece, representing my past. My past is seen here as a young girl crying and confined by rope ties, this represents my struggle with… [ read more ]

  • Just liked it ūüôā

  • Penguin Love

    One my first date with my now wife, we went to the aquarium. As soon as we walked in, there was a penguin display and two of them were going at it. I couldn’t stop watching and laughing, and then… [ read more ]

  • The Dark Side

    “The Force is strong with this one.” I have been a die-hard fan since I was a little one, thought it was time to pay some respect to my main man!

  • Lost Love

    The bird has the key to the chained heart. Where ever the bird goes the love goes too.

  • Butterflies

    In life, no matter what situation you’re in.. You should never settle for anything less than butterflies. If it doesn’t give you butterflies than it simply shouldn’t be a waste of your time.

  • tree of life

    This tattoo is significant to me because it symbolizes the tree of life. It has long roots holding its foundation up. Also it symbolizes how no matter how much of a hard ship you go through in life always have… [ read more ]

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