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  • Butterflies

    In life, no matter what situation you’re in.. You should never settle for anything less than butterflies. If it doesn’t give you butterflies than it simply shouldn’t be a waste of your time.

  • tree of life

    This tattoo is significant to me because it symbolizes the tree of life. It has long roots holding its foundation up. Also it symbolizes how no matter how much of a hard ship you go through in life always have… [ read more ]

  • Sin City

    This tattoo represents my attitude and where I came from

  • ass gerbil

    This is a tribute to Richard Gere… actually to his gerbil. Done by Adam Rose of Fallen Owl Tattoo

  • Back-piece

    I have now also eyes in my back! 😉

  • Peacock Back Piece

    I love peacocks and how beautiful they are. I wanted to turn my body into a walking of piece of art. Thanks to Dave Kruseman he made that happen for me. He’s located in Hagerstown, Md. Check out his IG… [ read more ]

  • “Kiss of death”

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