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  • Great Blue Heron

    This was a dream since I was a kid! I have always loved tattoos and as a little girl was mesmerized by them. I became a collector, and after 12 + pieces, I finally dove into the biggest piece yet…. [ read more ]

  • koi fish

    I got this tattoo for my best friend who just recently passed. The blue koi is considered a symbol of the son of a family. It also represents peace, tranquility and calmness. A koi represents strength and individualism. It also… [ read more ]

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  • 2013-02-0611.45.35

    For me this piece represents two opposites (yin and yang koi fish), working in harmony with each other. The cherry blossoms in the water represent the love that they are immersed in

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    Paper rock scissors bet gone wrong