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  • Side

    Photographer debbie deboo

  • Sexy Librarian

    I love getting tattoos. It is an absolute addiction. I plan to get more. I only have six. I plan to add more to my leg possibly sleeve it out. Kisses

  • Always and forever

    Just a little reminder to never settle for anything less then always and forever with butterflies. Lifes to short to be in any other type of relationship.

  • Cherry Blossom Cat

    I fell in love with this illustration the moment I saw it. I immediately asked the artist for permission to use it for my next tattoo and thankfully she agreed! Even though I’m not a total “girly girl”, I do… [ read more ]

  • Butterflies and diamonds

  • Family is Forever

    my tattoo represents my family. Each butterfly represents a member of my immediate family, mom, sisters and children. An eagle for my grandpa who passed away and yellow roses for my grandma.

  • #StevieEileen dreams to reality

    My best friend Robert “Krazy 8” Smith just passed away. He was quadraplegic from adetrimental car accident 16 years ago. Long story short after being paralyzed from the neck down he went on to be a well known St Petersburg,… [ read more ]

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