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  • Butterflies

    In life, no matter what situation you’re in.. You should never settle for anything less than butterflies. If it doesn’t give you butterflies than it simply shouldn’t be a waste of your time.

  • Butterflies and lace back tattoo

  • With pain comes beauty

    Each item represents me as a person with their meanings behind them

  • Sugar Skull with Butterflies

    This is some of my newer work that is more popular now days.

  • Butterfly

    The significance of this tattoo was a feeling of freedom and I did it with someone I love.

  • butterfly kids

    The five butterflies represent my four children that were born and one that is flying away for the one child we lost to a miss carriage

  • fantasy

    The fairy represents me , I’m a dreamer the butterflies ate for my kids and grandkids .

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