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  • Cherry Tree Butterflies

    Mrs minds me of a bamboo painting my gran had brought back from my sisters travels

  • Callalily

    Calla Lilly is my favorite flower…the soft flowers and abstract butterflies represent my my softer side mixed with the rough branches signify that there is more to me than meets the eye..more than just a pretty face

  • my daughter’s name

    It is my daughter’s name. A miracle… because my doctors said I could not have babies after the accident I had… and it is on the left forearm because that was my 2nd more affected extremity in my accident… the… [ read more ]

  • Butterflies

    Rapid change in life.

  • Butterflies in flight

    After discovering my daughter has a rare genetic syndrome I had my wings tattoo, she Is my Angel. as the yrs went by I felt my wings weren’t big enough and went on the hunt for a way of extending… [ read more ]

  • my friends and family :)

    My back is made up of 13 butterflies which are my oldest friends characterised. My 2 sons are a dragon fly with u.v ink wings and a bumble bee all situated around a large flower with is me growing through… [ read more ]

  • butterfliy love

    for the beautiful women in my life

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