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  • Butterflies

    Rapid change in life.

  • Butterflies in flight

    After discovering my daughter has a rare genetic syndrome I had my wings tattoo, she Is my Angel. as the yrs went by I felt my wings weren’t big enough and went on the hunt for a way of extending… [ read more ]

  • my friends and family :)

    My back is made up of 13 butterflies which are my oldest friends characterised. My 2 sons are a dragon fly with u.v ink wings and a bumble bee all situated around a large flower with is me growing through… [ read more ]

  • butterfliy love

    for the beautiful women in my life

  • A Foot of Flowers

    Done by Grant McConnell, 21, San Diego, CA, 1 Sitting, 2+ hours

  • peacock

    My beautiful and proud grandma

  • backpiece

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