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  • wendy mecha-butterfly

  • Arm’s butterfly tattoo

    This butterfly tattoo is my favorite, i have also shared it on

  • Veteran Spouse Memorial

    This tattoo was my first tattoo. It is a memorial piece for my deceased husband who was a 30 year U.S. Navy veteran who died in 2013.

  • Rose Butterfly Garden

    This tattoo was my third tattoo. Its significance to me is of new life and memory of family member.

  • Forearms and Wrists

    Butterfly – Butterflies symbolizes change. My butterfly is covering up a scar from when I used to cut years ago. I have changed and turned into a beautiful self confident woman, just like how a caterpillar transforms into a gorgeous… [ read more ]

  • thigh

    It is my Granddaughters name

  • Counting Butterflies Counting Blessings

    During ages 15-18 I had a large self harm issue and I was haunted everyday with the reminder written on my arm until now. Each butterfly is a person in my life that helped me overcome self harm and raise… [ read more ]

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