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  • 3D Butterfly

    Going through life with the love of the beauty in butterfly’s it was an easy decision to get this gorgeous piece done by Justin Rule of Artful Impressions in Ontario Ohio.

  • for my deceased dad & granny

    my dad & granny passed away a few years ago & when they did i wanted to get their names on me, i love the colour blue & i like butterflies also i like to think that with the butterflies… [ read more ]

  • 16 and crazily inked

    It shows my passion for nature

  • wolf butterfly Memorial tattoo

    My first tattoo, Memorial for a loved one that passed away, and my husky that passed away.

  • Butterfly

    Someone I care for calls me butterfly <3

  • wildflowers and butterfly

  • Side piece

    This tattoo is a huge cover up. Before my artist Tyler nolan out of Vatican tattoo studio is ft Lauderdale fl. The tattoo was a mess. From my neck to my hip was bad thick black lines. Butterflies that looked… [ read more ]