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  • Wedding

    Sexy, tattooed bridal picture.

  • Tribal butterfly

    It was my first tattoo and the most painful one

  • rose and butterfly death

    means my battle to survive and walk again after a serious accident. the rose emerges just from a scar (not visible in the pic), and symbolizes the fight for life with spines and troubles. and the butterfly comes as a… [ read more ]

  • Plum blossoms and Butterfly

    This is dedicated to my grandmother and aunt who have both battled breast cancer, hence the pink ribbon. The white ribbon is dedicated to my Grandad and my Great Aunt who both lost their battle with Lung Cancer. Three days… [ read more ]

  • In memory

  • 3D Butterfly

    Going through life with the love of the beauty in butterfly’s it was an easy decision to get this gorgeous piece done by Justin Rule of Artful Impressions in Ontario Ohio.

  • for my deceased dad & granny

    my dad & granny passed away a few years ago & when they did i wanted to get their names on me, i love the colour blue & i like butterflies also i like to think that with the butterflies… [ read more ]

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