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  • A Foot of Flowers

    Done by Grant McConnell, 21, San Diego, CA, 1 Sitting, 2+ hours

  • Monarch

    The monarch butterfly represent,for the culture were I grew, the carriers of the souls they migrate every year all the way to Canada and back to Mexico and the believe in each trip they bring a soul and take one… [ read more ]

  • Butterfly

    Got this on my 45th birthday.

  • Butterfly’s

  • Stars and flowers Back tattoo

    It has several different meanings for me: my family, my life, my baby

  • butterfly

    My butterfly is a representation of myself and my personality

  • Butterfly

    This tattoo has my middle name that my mom and grandma have called me growing up . I also got a butterfly because. I love them and they represent change . Because everything in life changes eventually.

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