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  • Rest in Peace Bennett Strong

    The Tattoo on my arm is for my best friend who passed away November 25, 2013. The butterfly represents freedom and life.

  • freedom

    All my tattoos means to me that I’m different from society and I am a quirky individual and my own person.

  • Voodoo Dolls

    Each Tattoo Has A Different Meaning My Obsession With The Devil And Voodoo Dolls And Much More.

  • Mom

    Got it for my mom

  • tribal butterfly

    Represents change, beauty, and freedom

  • Butterfly Feet

    My first daughter

  • Tree in bloom

    My tattoo is for me about the uphill struggle in life, starting at the bottom and climbing for a new and better life. The tree of life in bloom.. The owl however is a cover up ( old Chinese symbol)… [ read more ]