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  • My Calf Chop

    I have been racing my whole life, this is just a remider of an awesome time in life!

  • penny wise

    love horror icons

  • Tribal Seattle Seahawks

    I am a huge Seattle seahawks fan. My wife got me a tatt for my 38 birthday, while we were in the Phillipnies. Art work by Francis Ray Lauron, Skingrind Tattoo, ILOILO City, Phillipines

  • Retro Rocket Ship

    Reminds me of my grandpa. We used to always go see sci fi movies, so this tattoo keeps those memories but has a bit of my personality.

  • It’s Maaaario! Tattoo by Uriel Rangel Fernandez from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

    beginning of Leg sleeve dedicated to my kids’ favorite characters.

  • Ninja Turtle Mikey – Tattoo by Uriel Rangel Fernandez from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico

    This was dedicated to my son, he loves Mikey from Ninja Turtles and I so did I when I was his age.

  • owl with mom’s ashes

    When my mom passed July 2013 she had 1 unfinished tattoo of an owl…. my dad used to give owls to my gma when he wanted something.. my favorite movie is labyrinth and I love the white barn owl in… [ read more ]

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