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  • Grafted Octopus with skull

    I have wanted an octopus tattoo for years and I wanted to let my artist run with it. He noticed that most octopus tattoos were either the standard octopus or a skull with tentacles so he wanted to change things… [ read more ]

  • Bottled heart

    I had the pleasure of doing this tattoo on a good friend at my first tattoo convention, Chicago Villian Arts tattoo convention 2016 and took 1st place medium color tattoo.

  • Optimus Primed! by Chris 51

    This was my clients first tattoo and wanted it totally replicated from his childhood tv love Transformers cartoon. I took it a step further and put it coming out of a Autobots logo cutout.

  • Sun Buffalo

    This was a breakthrough piece for me. It definitely is my first career defining tattoo and I am very proud of it.

  • Galactic Tiger

    I love space and cats and my tattoo artist created this custom tattoo for me.

  • WiseOwl

    This Tattoo signifies wisdom and change.

  • Michael Myers

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