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  • zombie

  • Bullien

    I made this tattoo on the Arel tattoo show this year in Belgium, I met a wonderful Artist: Loic from loxiput Black sheep, Grenoble, France. And i just felt in love with his style and particulary with this semi Alien/FrenchBulldog… [ read more ]

  • the awakening

  • Tattooed pinup

    Pinup of a pretty awesome model, Lake Ness monster

  • Phoenix

    Although I am still young I have been through a lot. I have been betrayed, I have been stepped on, and I have been discarded by those I cared for. Like the Phoenix I choose to believe that every time… [ read more ]

  • Skull&Roses

    once a year in south England (UK) there is a pirate festival. I have attended two so far and third this year (2014) so as you do i have became a pirate ^^. Anyway this is also my very first… [ read more ]

  • Tony Moore inspired zombie

    Reminder of what we all are.

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