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  • dedicated fallen soldier

    I went and got this tattoo done the day after one of my best friends past away. It is in his memory and it is the single most significant tattoo I have. Quintin Lopez is his name which is what… [ read more ]

  • Jack Skellington

    The nightmare before Christmas is one of my all time favorites and this signifies my love for Tim Burton movies!

  • Tim Burton Inspired Memorial

    My father died in June last year and it was one of the hardest times for me. Before his passing, I wanted to get this tattoo originally but when he did pass, I also wanted to get one for him… [ read more ]

  • peeking skull


    This work was done by Apprentice Richie Merritt of Tattoo Alchemy under Jason Clay Dunn, It gave me a chance to get some great work done by an up and coming artist and add to my now 4 tattoo’s done… [ read more ]

  • calves Gnade

    The meaning describes my personality

  • Nightmare on skin street.

    Watching nightmare on elm street when I was a little kid always scared me. I have had actual nightmares that scarred my childhood. But my father helped me stand up to my fears using Freddy Kruger as an example. And… [ read more ]