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  • skull with feather

    Tattoo by James hurley at Eclectic Art Tattoo Gallery in Lansing Michigan.

  • remembering the past

    I feel like every person can look into the past and find something that they love and lost. This particular piece was about the Native American heritage and remembering their historical value. How precious it is.

  • VeillĂ©e

  • neo wolf

    Just how nice it fits on my leg.

  • Lover’s Eye

    Tattoo was free hand designed by my artist..if you notice there are book pages in the heart which represent my love of reading, books, and knowledge, the interior of the heart contains lines from a Pablo Neruda poem that I… [ read more ]

  • Keep Burning

    There is a light that never goes out and even though life can be hard there is always hope.

  • Photoon2011-04-19at1649-1