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  • R2-Tea2 by Chris 51

    I tattooed this on my wife, who is my biggest critic, and biggest pain in my ass to tattoo lol.

  • Absolem

    This tattoo goes along with my March Hare on my bicep from Alice in Wonderland. This is Absolem, a wise caterpillar from the movie. I wanted a caterpillar to show i haven’t gone into my life transformation just yet.

  • Zombie SpongeBob

    SpongeBob SquarePants is one of my favorite cartoons to watch, but I also enjoy hole or movies, so I wanted to get a horror-themed SpongeBob tattoo. The tattoo was done by Mark Wright of Capitol Tattoo in Silver Spring, Maryland…. [ read more ]

  • Nightmare Before Christmas

    I’ve been a fan since i was a little kid and as I’ve grown up my obsession has grown even more and plus its an awesome halloween movie and their all creepy people and i love horror and skulls ..

  • cute caique

    This tattoo was a cartoon rendition of a pet a caique that sadly passed

  • Jessica rabbit

    Jessica rabbit was my nickname for years and i had wanted a really pretty jessica rabbit tattoo for a long time. My artist Ian Preece did the most amazing job I have ever seen. Its one of the most incredible… [ read more ]

  • Alice In Wonderland

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