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  • Afrika Bambaataa

    The image is taken from the Ed Piskor‘s comic, History of hip-hop – Hip hop family tree. Representation of Afrika Bambaataa. My son gave me tas gift the Hip Hop Family Tree Two-In-One free comic that came out a few… [ read more ]

  • Megatron

  • Curious George

    Curious George was my favorite books growing up and was the reason I signed up for a library card at 4

  • Link attack

    It brings me back to the days of playing video games with my brother and my baby sitter.

  • American pinup

    My love of my wife and country with inspiration coming from Jessica rabbit and classic pin up style poster girls

  • Melting Honey Pooh bear

    Pooh bear was my family nickname.

  • charmander

    I got the tattoo for my son

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