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  • Black & Grey Knight

  • family crest

    I got my family crest,im german and than i added a dark and dismal castle and bats and a blood moon(for the thought of family blood) and i got the bats because im born on holloween and the castle cause… [ read more ]

  • Based on poster of French movie called “A virgin among the living dead”

    As a horror freak, the image represents everything I love about the genre, half naked girl being chased by zombie like creatures, a graveyard and a dracula like castle in the background are some of the images that got my… [ read more ]

  • Calling the Vampire’s Elite Guard

    This tattoo took many years of thought and also sometime to find the right person to do it. I knew that my love of Vampires along with the Eastern European landmarks had the old world symbolism. You could not have… [ read more ]

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