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  • Illuminati tattoo

    This is my first tattoo and i am so proud of it. I love illuminati and cats so this is just perfect.

  • Hosscat

    My grandfather recently passed. Hosscat was the name he gave me growing up. This tattoo is in Remembrance of him. The cat is red due to his nickname which was “red” growing up

  • My dog and cat realism tattoos

    These are my pets I had done in remembrance.

  • Water Color Low Poly Cat

    This tattoo celebrates the love of cats for my client. I love doing tattoos that celebrate a memory or attachment to a loved one whether that be an animal, family member or friend.

  • watercolor lion

    It doesn’t matter what happens,you have to stay strong. It’s also for my friend who died in 2014 by suicide.

  • Me and mama. RIP my cat

    This was my cat mama. For 15 years. She recently passed away nov 1 2014 very suddenly. She’s lived in my room slept with me every night since I was in 6th grade. I’m almost 30 now….she passed away from… [ read more ]

  • Cat

    Small tattoo of my beloved cat

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