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  • Giena Todryk

  • Giena Todryk

  • MissMeow

    MissMeow on FashionShow of Sinner Couture at International Brussels tattoo convention

  • handcover by MC thetattooer

    Best cover ever of MissMeow done by MC theTattooer (Shamrock Tattoo, Bernay, France) on freehand

  • MissMeow by MC TheTattooer

    CatVador was realised on Miss Meow by MC TheTattooer (Shamrock Tattoo, Bernay France) on tattoo convention in Nancy (France)

  • Laura’s Back Tattoos

    My back tattoos have several meanings to me. My newest piece is the crane tattoo. It is designed from a trinket that I received from my grandmother when she passed away. I also work with cranes. I also love cats… [ read more ]

  • LuckyBlack Cat

    The bllack cat represents my late grandmother, while the roses represent my other grandmother whom is still with us. The rose bush blossoms from dying black/white to alive and colorful which means to me “something good can always come from… [ read more ]