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  • Water Color Low Poly Cat

    This tattoo celebrates the love of cats for my client. I love doing tattoos that celebrate a memory or attachment to a loved one whether that be an animal, family member or friend.

  • watercolor lion

    It doesn’t matter what happens,you have to stay strong. It’s also for my friend who died in 2014 by suicide.

  • Me and mama. RIP my cat

    This was my cat mama. For 15 years. She recently passed away nov 1 2014 very suddenly. She’s lived in my room slept with me every night since I was in 6th grade. I’m almost 30 now….she passed away from… [ read more ]

  • Cat

    Small tattoo of my beloved cat

  • Watercolor Cat

    I did this tattoo and I like watercolor tattoos.

  • Giena Todryk

  • Giena Todryk

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