• Cat by Zsolt Sarkozi (Dark Art Tattoo)

    I found my sweet cat in a site for demolition, she had only two weeks and she grabbed my pants… this tattoo is sentimental. Made by M.Zsolt Sarkozi from Dark Art Tatoo based at Budapest, Hungary.

  • Cheshire Cat *We’re All Mad Here*

    Another tattoo 2 add to my tim burton themed sleeve.

  • Bastet

    I got this tattoo on my 24th birthday on Friday the 13th by one of the best artists in town Kristie Lungren. This tattoo is 100% original and unique no one else in the world has anything close to it!… [ read more ]

  • Baggy

    This was my cat, Baggy, He was with me for over 17 years, he passed away in 2013, sadly lost friend. The Tattoo was by the wonderful, Paul O’Connor @ Tattoo Magic.

  • Titty cat nurse

  • Cheshire cat

    It represents my childhood <3 I grew up watching Alice in Wonderland and it reminds me of that sense of wonder and magic being a kid.

  • Memorial Cat Trio

    I am a great lover of cats and have been all my life. In the last 2 years, I lost three of my cats – two were an adoption situation where the cats were sickly, but I took them in… [ read more ]


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