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  • Dolly

    I am a mega Dolly fan- always wanted a Dolly tattoo – drove almost 100 miles to see Chad Miskimon for his excellent work.

  • D.R.E.

  • Freddie Kreuger

    This is part of my lower sleeve that is dedicated to my daughter. Freddie Kreuger is both our favourite bad guy. We are both avid horror fans. It is the fourth tattoo I’ve gotten by Ingrid Zschogner of Sound Tattoo… [ read more ]

  • audrey hepburn colour portrait

    Part of an in progress leg sleeve of iconic females.

  • Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee is a Legend and inspiration.

  • Jeff Dunham tattoo

    I have been a fan of Jeff Dunham’s comedy for years. His comedy always puts a smile on my face. Now it puts a smile on others faces when they see my tattoo. I have a lot of tats but… [ read more ]

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