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  • Triquetra

  • Irish ink by Brody longo slingin ink tattoo

    The irish blessing on my back is my most meaningful tattoo. I got it in memory for my father who pasted away when I was 11 from a sudden heart attack. I wanted to get something for him but wasn’t… [ read more ]

  • Family

    Love of my family

  • Mums Trubute

    It was a verse I composed for my mum who I lost in 2011 .. I am of half Irish descent so I chose this wording and did not want it easily readable.

  • floral sleeve

    A major life change. .blossoming like a flower after a 100 lb weight loss

  • Celtic

  • Celtic Thistle

    I am a quarter Scottish and I want to always remember my roots are in Scotland. The national flower of Scotland is the thistle. I also am a fan of JRR Tolkien, and I included a quote of his to… [ read more ]

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