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  • My First Tattoo a Celtic Knot

    My mom had an appointment to get this tattoo on her foot, she died the week before. My dad and brother got the same tattoo in her honor

  • Tree of life

    It stands for my celtic roots. The roots stand for my family, the tree trunk stands for a strong me and the tree top stands for a good future.

  • irish half sleeve

    The top part on my shoulder with the celtic knots irish flag and dragons represent my irish backround, never ending life, bravery, and honor. The 4 leaf clover gives me luck because i always have one with me, the add… [ read more ]

  • Celtic Wolf

    This was designed by one of our local tattooist. I asked him to incorporate my Irish heritage with an animal I hold very dear to my heart, the wolf.

  • Irish celtic sleeve

    My heritage.

  • Green man

    Father nature provides while Mother Nature protects. Green man is the god of the forest, grown in oak blood. He is the strength, wisdom, and spiritual force that flows throughs the forest.

  • Celtic sleeve

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