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  • My wild side

    The cheetah print down my side represents my wild side. It’s the side that comes out when it’s dark. The side of me that everyone should be scared of yet attracted by. It shows that I’m wild yet majestic, beautiful,… [ read more ]

  • Chest tattoo

  • My Sparkly Bitch Ink

    This tattoo in particular ‘My Sparkly Bitch Ink’, reminds me of my demons I over come and my healing – the stages of life where I thought I could never over come, but I soon did. I look up to… [ read more ]

  • Cheetah

    It gave me a chance to venture off into the “animal Tattoo” world

  • Cheetah Scratches

  • Wild

    My tattoos presents cheetah mark .His freedom, the speed and intractability .This tattoo means a lot for me becouse i am the same animal

  • Get to Know Your Wild Side

    In high school I was obsessed with cheetah print EVERYTHING. This was one of my very first tattoos and it could not be any more spot on with my style and personality. “Get to know your wild side,” is my… [ read more ]

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