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  • Lotus & Cherry Blossoms Chest Piece

    I’m not sure if I’m submitting this in the correct place…these are my tattoos, I am not the artist..

  • Cherry blossom

  • Cherry blossom

  • Cherry Blossom Cat

    I fell in love with this illustration the moment I saw it. I immediately asked the artist for permission to use it for my next tattoo and thankfully she agreed! Even though I’m not a total “girly girl”, I do… [ read more ]

  • Back

    Memorial tattoo- cherry blossom is my favorite tree, represents tree of life. The three “winds” are for my aunt, grandma, and nephew who passed away.

  • Cherry blossom watercolour

    I had my Tattoo done by Abenk Sila at Bali Shadow Tattoo, Seminyak in April this year. It starts low on my torso to disguise my appendix scar (done when I was 14!) travels up my side & back to… [ read more ]

  • Kitsune

    It is a representation of my twin brother. Both of us are obsessed with the asian culture.

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