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  • Mockbird and Birdcage Back piece

    It’s a tattoo that I wanted to get for a long time. The three birds are for my two daughters and I and I chose mockingbirds because they will defend their own nest without any regard for their own life… [ read more ]

  • Cherry blossom elements

    The cherry blossom tree represents peace and beauty each branch is significantly directed to the earth elements , earth, fire, water and air.

  • Nurturing branch

    This tattoo represents my siblings as each bird their favorite color, and birds on a branch that comes from my mother’s favorite tree and represents her love for them all.

  • cherry Blossom

    My dad passed away last year and his whole life he worked with plants and flowers. I wanted get a tattoo that he would love and appreciate.

  • Freddy blossom tree

    I love the two thoughts put together. It was just a design my artist drew and I loved it! It’s very colorful and vibrant!!

  • color work

    My sleeve always reminds me of travel, exotic locations and a sense of freedom. My sternum tattoo was inspired by the iconic Japanese Geishas and my thigh tattoos come from a love of 30s/40s history and fashion. Depicting a female… [ read more ]

  • Strength and Courage

    This tattoo is for my father who passed away in 1998. Knowing how the lotus flower blossoms represents my struggle dealing with his loss. The cherry blossoms represent good luck for my future and the lion of course representing my… [ read more ]

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