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  • Geisha / Samurai by Seth Singletary @ Sacred Tattoo in Oakland, Ca

    First off, I’ve always loved this idea and knew I wanted something like this to start off my arm. It says a lot about certain personality characteristics of mine.

  • japanese half upper body suit

    i love Japanese tattoos and pain because dam the side hurts

  • The Phoenix

    To me this tattoo signifies a few different things in different ways.. The tree itself represents strength, life, remembering always to stay grounded.. It represents a structured chaos. Trees grow based on a basic law of nature but yet the… [ read more ]

  • Half sleeve

  • Japanese spinal tattoo

    My grandmother hand wrote seven words in Japanese that signified certain changes in my life before she died.

  • Carpe Ko├»

    cherry blossoms we bring her to the beauty of life, while not losing sight of these goals by surpassing as koi. The knives launched signie it should always have a backup plan in case sour elbow blow. Tattoo by Gaetan… [ read more ]

  • Pinup Flowers

    These tattoos represent my favorite flowers, I added them for my 22nd birthday, each one after another. These tattoos were done freehand as well, which makes me cherish them all the more. These tattoos also help release the feminine side… [ read more ]

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