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  • Great Blue Heron

    This was a dream since I was a kid! I have always loved tattoos and as a little girl was mesmerized by them. I became a collector, and after 12 + pieces, I finally dove into the biggest piece yet…. [ read more ]

  • Cherry Blossoms

    After my husband passed away at the age of 34, I wanted to get a tattoo that would symbolize the shortness of life and also my strength to get through that time in my life. After searching for some time,… [ read more ]

  • Cherry Blossoms

    this represents the renaissance

  • Cherry Blossoms

  • Love & Life

    After their too-short bloom, the cherry blossom falls to the ground and is scattered about by wind and rain. It is in this life cycle that their blossoms become truly anticipated and appreciated for all their beauty. Spirit. Beauty. Love…. [ read more ]

  • Lish’s Piece

    happiness, sexy, pain, Peacefulness

  • 2013-02-0611.45.35

    For me this piece represents two opposites (yin and yang koi fish), working in harmony with each other. The cherry blossoms in the water represent the love that they are immersed in

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