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  • Floral Reverse Chest Piece by Matthew_inked

    Tattoo done by Matthew_inked at Art in Soul Tattoo & Piercing studio out of New Paltz, NY

  • Color Chest Piece/Forearm

  • Reverse Chest Piece

  • Dracula kissing Mina

    This tattoo reminds me that once true love has been found it lasts through out time. Dracula had lost his wife to suicide because she had been told that he had died in battle, the two were mightily in love…. [ read more ]

  • tatted

    Its abt my love of nature dnt like real flowers they diebut these will be w me forever. I want to show more of my art in ur magaizine.

  • Dead Career Choices

    This piece covers my dead career choices. Two dead zombie women, a cop and nurse, being my two dead career choices. Scissors were added once I became a stylist and the word ‘passion’ because it’s what I’m most passionate about…. [ read more ]

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