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  • Zuni Buffalo Fetish

    The Zuni Buffalo represents endurance to overcome one’s own weaknesses. The three arrows represent past, present and future. The 2 armbands represent the warrior.

  • Venom

    I’ve been a huge venom fan all my life in the old comics his conical dark sadistic humor always had me laughing

  • Inked

  • Inked

  • Beach front

    The quote across my chest is from my favorite band Modest Mouse. Music gets me through anything this life has to offer.

  • Foxes and Roses

    Each of my tattoos has significance in that they simply make me feel more complete. They make me enjoy looking in the mirror at my reflection, which is something I had always avoided doing before. And someday I hope that… [ read more ]

  • Eagle Memories

    My mother passed away when I was just four years old and as I grew up I always had a fascinating with tattoos. I found out when I was 15 that she had these amazing eagle tattoos and I wanted… [ read more ]

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