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  • Art inspired chest piece

    Art has always been a big part of my life. I get inspired by the things I see and the people I meet and I express my self through all kinds of mediums; including painting. I wanted a tattoo that… [ read more ]

  • Miscarriage quote

    My husband and Iost a baby two years ago. I almost died from the whole ordeal and needed to undergo emergency surgery. From the moment we discovered I was pregnant, we were so happy and excited. This was my healing… [ read more ]

  • Lou Steel

    Almost all of my tats have Biblical meanings .

  • Mayhem

    Mayhem is another word for chaos I have caused quit a bit of mayhem in my day and still do.

  • Har az fuk!

    Diamonds are har az fuk. Hi Max,000,000

  • Spiderman chest piece

    Symbolizes the childhood I never had and my family calls me there hero that they wouldn’t no what to do without me plus it is a badass piece

  • Stars and Roses

    Represent family members and loved ones. Also represents me and my life! My trials, tribulations, and personality!