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  • Selfie

    I had my sleeve done for my sisters who like fantasy creatures and my side piece was my divorce celebration tattoo.

  • Addiction battler

    Trying to beat addiction, this serves as a reminder of what I need to avoid

  • Bridget Ann davis

    I’m a daddy’s girl got for him to show no matter where life take us he always my hero

  • Nightmare before Christmas chest and sleeve

    I love all Tim burton movies. His mind to me is what I love,that big creative,dark,imagination he has. Whether it’s sipping tea with a rabbit and friends from the world being attack from Mars. But Nightmare Before Christmas is my… [ read more ]

  • Heart with a key

  • Mothers journey

    It is a dedication to my daughter the symbol in the middle is a native American symbol that means motherhood and journey. All the pieces signify the journey and the way she has changed my life.

  • Yashua Heart

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