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  • Hourglass and Daises

    Love Daises, and the hourglass signifies that time is always a factor in our lives whether it’s healing or having fun. Tattoo done by Lexi Perez (formerly at Moerder Tattoo)

  • Chest piece

    A bold move by putting something so large front and center. Done by Chris Allen at Adrenaline Tattoos and Piercings, Montreal.

  • A photographers work

    I’m a photographer, All the images in the film are my own photos of my family, The lens represents photography the earthe within the lens is about my travels. It basicly all my favourite things in the world closest to… [ read more ]

  • Mehindi Style Armour

    This tattoo reexamines traditional tribal design.

  • Chest/ stomach piece

    The eye of providence on my chest represents the all seeing eye of god, I also have written inside the triangle in Latin; nothing lasts forever, so live to live, which is quite self explanatory meaning always live life to… [ read more ]

  • Chest cover-up by Jeremy Temple of Electric Zombie Tattoo in Athens, PA

  • Half sleeve Tribal