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  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    Originally I had racoon paw prints that replicated Eve’s on her chest. This signifies far more than my adolecent vanity tattoo. The skull signifies my skeletons and the rose signifies the beauty that came following the eye in the center… [ read more ]

  • all seeing eye by Rob Corsino

  • love life

    My life

  • the heart will fly

    many of my tattoos mean alot to me, some I just loved

  • Buffalo Skull

    I did this tattoo on my best friend a few days ago. I’ve only been tattooing for a year and Victor Chil has been my inspiration for my work. I saw his style and used it as a reference to… [ read more ]

  • In due time

    It’s just a representation of opportunity and time! Condors are opportunistic creatures but do not settlle for gross meals they are actually very picky scavengers and the script mean in due time as well as the grandfather clock! It is… [ read more ]

  • Death before dishonour

    It was in a drawing my late father did and I did it in his memory aswell as a dedicated sleeve for him on my left arm

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