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  • Butterflies and diamonds

  • Sexy Tribal Mens Tattoo

    attitude expression

  • Chest Piece

    Have Courage & Be Kind. Without courage you can’t move very far into the life you want. And kindness leads to good karma. Cinderella didn’t become a princess without being kind.

  • Good v evil

    The struggle of good against bad and making the right decisions done by Kev Heath cross street tattoo

  • Inkd model

    My tattoos mean everything to me, I keep my most important close to my heart on my chest, my sleeve has mixed meaning, my leg tattoo (microphone and flowers) are for my love of music, soon to be extended up… [ read more ]

  • Phoenix Bird

    This is a cover up of my first tattoo and my ex’s name. I wanted the Phoenix bird to represent start of a new life!

  • Chest piece

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