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  • Pride

    It represents stages of life and pride

  • Time Piece

    It’s a time piece. It says “upon us all a little rain must fall” just reminding me that I’ll always go through hard times in life, but things always will get better.

  • Pierced Heart Tribal

    We all suffer the slings and arrows of love, all to often it is the loss of love that pierces our heart. So with my loss I just immortalized it as long as I am able.

  • Unbreakable

    It reminds me that nothing or no one has been able to break me. Even tho the y have done n said some hurtful shit. I was able to over come all. N till today it reminds me that I… [ read more ]

  • BULL

  • Colored Sleeve

    My sleeve is based on the importance of time and how little you have. Time is fleeting.

  • Believe the hYpe

    Represents everything I’ve experienced in my lifetime from the good to the bad.