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  • Inkd model

    My tattoos mean everything to me, I keep my most important close to my heart on my chest, my sleeve has mixed meaning, my leg tattoo (microphone and flowers) are for my love of music, soon to be extended up… [ read more ]

  • Phoenix Bird

    This is a cover up of my first tattoo and my ex’s name. I wanted the Phoenix bird to represent start of a new life!

  • Chest piece

  • Believe

    I got this,in honor of my grandmother and my father, they always taught me to believe in myself, so they passed away 6 months apart and they are my angels.

  • Anubis Chest piece

    I was in the Marines and this tattoos for me was a way even if I was killed I would still be carried to justice.

  • Wolf Head Chest Piece

    The entire tattoo in the image is representative of myself. The main piece (wolf head) has significance to me in its relative characteristics to myself. All other pieces that make the whole chest tattoo also add to the idea.

  • 19 Years Old & Over Two Dozen Tattoos.

    I started tattooing my body at the age of 14. 5 year process with 25 tattoos down before the age of 20. Turning Twenty on January 10th, 2016. Can’t wait to tattoo this whole body with meaning.

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