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  • da vinchi custome

    This tattoo means alot to me because ,one it was my very first and it took a lonng time the meaning i get from it is that Leonardo davinchi tried so hard to build a heart that would never stop… [ read more ]

  • Dragon

    Had a lot of fun with this one, drawing it on and tattooing it. This kids a beast!

  • Chest Piece

  • Inked Ambition

    Everyday before a professional football game because I am a pro athlete or before a acting/modeling gig I read my tattoo on my side for motivation to do the best and be the best! Bio Chris Wilson Age 20-27 Height… [ read more ]

  • Sleeves/chest

    This is a personal family tree for me including some amazing people I’ve met along the way.

  • x

  • “With Every Heartbeat”

    I got this to represent love,life and family. Because “with every heartbeat” life continues on.