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  • faith

    I got it when I had nothing else going for me. In going to be full tatted with tattoos that means something to me. My chest I got when my grandma died & got my arm because I already gave… [ read more ]

  • Mermaid under water scene

    I love the freedom of the ocean, and the power it has. It’s beauty is endless. The bound mermaid signifies that no matter the freedom we have, something always grounds us or keeps us living in reality. The koi fish… [ read more ]

  • Painted eagle

    The eagle is the sign of my home land. I god damn love this piece.

  • Struggle=strength

    I have lived most of my adult life struggling day to day n many yet not so great situations but I’m still here and stronger than ever grateful for everything an everyone n my life!!!!

  • Hamsa

    A hand of protection.

  • Across my heart and hope to die

    This tat is for the love of my life no one else in this world can make me smile like you babe !!

  • MissMeow

    MissMeow on FashionShow of Sinner Couture at International Brussels tattoo convention