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  • CTR: choose the right

    CTR stands for choose the right. The CTR shield is a symbol worn often times in rings by Mormon youth. However, Mormons are not supposed to get tattoos so this holds quite a bit of irony

  • New Boxers!

    These are all of my favorite tattoos that I’m proud to show off.

  • Watercolor sparrow

    Me and my husband both got our sparrow tattoo as a symbol of starting over in our marriage. Mine is a watercolor his is a graffiti sparrow.

  • skulltastic

    I love skulls. ❤

  • Canadian Flag

    This tattoo i made myself and had it done in honor of my grandfather who passed away in 2009. My uncle and father have the same tattoo.

  • Poetic Justice

    I love the show the boondocks and jazmiiine reminds me of myself when I was little. Just the look in her eyes and and facial expression says so many words that’s why I call it Poetic justice.

  • Mastectomy tattoo

    Emotional healing, embracing the new me