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  • New chest piece

    The saying of this tattoo means the world to me! It is exactly how I view things. “The best and most beautiful things are felt with the heart” – Helen Keller

  • Chest piece for daughter

    All about and for my 6 year old daughter! Her name, roses for her beauty, nautical star for her direction, 2 swallows facing each other for love and us being together as recently separated from wife, stars to symbolise without… [ read more ]

  • Floral fun

    I have always loved floral Tattoos. So my chest seemed like the perfect place to show this great work.

  • Sexy Silhouettes

    This tattoo represents my good & bad sides. I have an alter-ego, xXx-ChAse-xXx; of whom walks on the “wild side”.

  • never give up

    Cover up

  • There’s Still Room in My Heart

    Even though the concept is a little cliche, this tattoo is basically signifying my eternal love toward my mother. There is an empty slot on the bottom portion of the scroll which states that there is potentially room in my… [ read more ]

  • Zombie Bunny Hello Kitty Head