• American by Birth

    Heritage of where I was born and raised. The eagle represents the guardian that watches over me.

  • Skittlez Girl

    My name is Heather Ordway and this tattoo is actually a tattoo I got for a friend that passed away!! She gave me my nickname Skittlez when I was 13. It has now been all over the internet on all… [ read more ]

  • cold

    It’s always cold up North.

  • LeMarchand’s box aka hellraiser puzzlebox

    When I was a kid life was shitty real shitty. As weird as it is two things helped me separate life from reality comics and horror movies. Hellraiser being one of those horror movies and also my favorite just like… [ read more ]

  • Only The Strong Survive

    It reminds me that I have to be strong and tough all the time.

  • ouroboros

    An ouroboros is a Greek Mythology symbol for new beginnings and I got it as my first tattoo after leaving an abusive relationship.

  • Cross n Wings

    This tattoo is a cover up of a tattoo from my old days and ways. I have changed my life and now want to have something that is honoring to my God. I am getting rid of all the tats… [ read more ]