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  • jizelle & Alize (daughters name)

    It’s my kids names, everyone who has their kids names has then all small on a study or maybe an arm, I wanted mine to tske up the wjole left side of my body!!!

  • Butterfly

    All my tattoos have all meanings. My neck really signifies me being pretty but I have a dark side. So my whole right arm is with bad things that symbolize my bad side. My left side symbolizes life.

  • chest piece

    Favorite band of all time

  • freebird

    I got this tattoo of a lovebird holding a beating heart in it’s feet to symbolize my new found strength and confidence in love and myself ♡♡

  • Some of me

    It’s just some of me

  • Some Owl Chest Work. Almost Done!

    Owl have always represented intelligence. I’m in school to be a teacher, and for me it helps disprove the stigma that people with tattoos and idiotic hoods.

  • Chest tattoo