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  • Italian Sailor from Ponza by Rob Corsino

    a 1950’s Italian navy sailor by Rob Corsino

  • Strongman tattoo

    You have to stay strong when the world is weighing down on you. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  • Las Peonias

    I had a large scar on my hip from being violently thrown out of a car. It was a painful memory, and getting this tattoo was a beautiful healing experience.

  • my fisrt Tattoo

    Wings : my parents who taught me the ways to morality, purity, protection, religion and beauty of life. Stars: remembering what i should get , always having a goal and reach my place of origin, way back home, healthy and… [ read more ]

  • Cameo

    It was designed specifically for me by the artist Brian Murphy. I love the placement and style reminds me of childhood times when my mother would let me wear her cameos. I love them.

  • Sailing For the Light

    I got this chest piece to go through an experience, to really get in tune with my body and express an intimate story of mine. My sleeve, is a nautical piece as well, and is almost completed to connect to… [ read more ]

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