• steampunk clock

  • Big Ben

    I got this tattoo because Peter Pan is my favorite character and story. I made him a skeleton because he never really got to live. Also, because I have a fascination with what might happen after we die. In the… [ read more ]

  • Memorial Tattoo

    This was a memorial piece for my brother who passed away from diabetes complications. The music note is combined with the diabetes ribbon. This signifies my brothers battle with diabetes and his love of music. The clock represents his time… [ read more ]

  • Reloj del Tío

    In memory of my uncle, watch gifted at 7 years old and lost in time at 15

  • Bird/swallow/clock Tattoo

  • Owl chest piece

    A diamond is unbearable, an owl is a predator and at the top of their food chain, and the clock represents time because time flies and all everyone has is time

  • Time doesn’t always fly

    Clocks are set to dates which translate to important times in my life. These include my daughter and sons birthdays along with my wedding date. Clocks stopped, the Raven awaits finale. Work by Jon Mesa.


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