• Reloj del Tío

    In memory of my uncle, watch gifted at 7 years old and lost in time at 15

  • Bird/swallow/clock Tattoo

  • Owl chest piece

    A diamond is unbearable, an owl is a predator and at the top of their food chain, and the clock represents time because time flies and all everyone has is time

  • Time doesn’t always fly

    Clocks are set to dates which translate to important times in my life. These include my daughter and sons birthdays along with my wedding date. Clocks stopped, the Raven awaits finale. Work by Jon Mesa.

  • Muecke Tattoo 300 Timepiece

    Muecke Original Art

  • Skull

    Death of a person who meant a lot to me and the birth of my son Owen. Tattoo by Steven Banegas at Hart&Huntington Las Vegas.

  • tribute

    This is a tribute to my brother who passed away earlier this year. the time on the clock is his birthday; 10-2 and the roman numerals is the year;1961. RIP bro, you will always be a part of me.