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  • My rose skull clock

    When it is all the way finished it will have an eye connected to it… and it means I have to keep an eye on my time because before you know it it’s all over… just reminds me not to… [ read more ]

  • Filipina inked

    My arabic tattoo I was inspired cause I was working here in UAE for few years and I like the style for difference and my full sleeve was actually been done for few months and I had no idea before… [ read more ]

  • Filipina inked

    About my sleeve it means luck, time and faith. The arabic words means life goes on

  • Roses

    My tattoo is a symbol of beauty in pain and remembering that all things heal with time

  • Eye on time for fly

  • Sleeve

    The one on my forearm is the most important to me. It’s a tattoo for my daughter, who is a survivor of shaken baby syndrome. The clock shows the time she was born, the date is in Roman numerals, and… [ read more ]

  • colorful sleeve

    Art tattoo done by Pammy k from trusted ink tattoo. Location is centerville Maryland.

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