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  • The Violator

    This tattoo is a tribute to dad who loved drawing and his comics mags.

  • Laughing Evil Clown

    It was a very fun piece to do.

  • Clown and joker

    As everyone did 20 years ago I had tribal across the top of my back. So when I chose this joker to place on my back the tribal that went up my neck and from shoulder to shoulder had to… [ read more ]


    different times in my life, my father’s death, joys and sorrows, heartbreaks female clowns are women with two faces in my life, devotion to Santa Muerte and the chinca admircion culture

  • Clown Gangster

  • Clown Gangster

  • Inked

    Hmm it’s a few, done during the last 14 years so that’s a long answer. It’s not only the actual meaning of the pictures but the times around when the tattoo was done. What you self remember, going through different… [ read more ]