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  • Darth Maul By Tamas Dikac

    I love Star Wars, this is the start of a full Star Wars themed sleeve

  • Dan Lopez of RGV TX Day of the Dead Girl

    It was one of the first tattoos I made at my studio that brought attention to my art. I am looking forward to creating many more like this.

  • realism by kory swanson

    i tattoo a photographer and she took this photo which i tattooed had much fun! -kory swanson

  • Alice In Wonderland

    It was a birthday gift from a friend Ivan Chesnokov! He is a tattoo artist and a good man! Together we travel, and participate in conventions tattoos. Creating tattoos helped me find a good friend, freedom, YOURSELF!

  • Trap-Jaw

  • custom octopus

    It was the first tattoo I won an award for, 2nd place best leg piece at the Nashville Full Moon Tattoo & Horror festival 2012 & also another 2nd place best large color at the Nashville Full Moon Tattoo &… [ read more ]

  • Jelly fish