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  • Zombie chic

  • winne the pooh and friends

    It brings everyone smiles

  • Photography Tattoo – Female Thigh Piece

    I am a music photographer based in NYC. Photography is my life, and music is my biggest passion, so combining the two bring me unexplainable joy. The music notes in the camera represent my love for music and how I… [ read more ]

  • Darth Maul By Tamas Dikac

    I love Star Wars, this is the start of a full Star Wars themed sleeve

  • Dan Lopez of RGV TX Day of the Dead Girl

    It was one of the first tattoos I made at my studio that brought attention to my art. I am looking forward to creating many more like this.

  • realism by kory swanson

    i tattoo a photographer and she took this photo which i tattooed had much fun! -kory swanson

  • Alice In Wonderland

    It was a birthday gift from a friend Ivan Chesnokov! He is a tattoo artist and a good man! Together we travel, and participate in conventions tattoos. Creating tattoos helped me find a good friend, freedom, YOURSELF!

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