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  • Juicy Tattoo ncluding Dermal Piercings.

    Expressing my sweeeeeet side.

  • Predator

    As I am a new tattoo artist, with only a few years under my belt, this piece is stretching my boundaries and doing color realism. Taking the step I would like my career path to go in.

  • Shears & Roses

    Being a cosmetologist is my life!

  • Mountain Sunset

    This is the beautiful view I am see each evening after moving from.the midwest to Northern.California

  • Collector Dustin Walters, Artist Thomas Hines, Portland

    Another piece by Thomas (Tommy Boy) Hines, Portland, OR. first tattoo collected by Dustin Walters in remembrance of his late grandfather. PORTLAND REPRESENT!

  • Collector Rachel Strom, Artist Thomas Hines, Portland

    Amazing free hand cover-up by artist Thomas (Tommy Boy) Hines out of Portland, OR.

  • Snobby Gal

    Surviving through the windiest storms that life have to give