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  • Stained Glass Beast

    It was a wonderfully beautiful way to embellish what was left after years of self hatred. Love the beast within was my thought process behind it

  • Beast Scar CoverUp

    On my lady’s arm to embellish self harm scars.

  • Optimus Primed! by Chris 51

    This was my clients first tattoo and wanted it totally replicated from his childhood tv love Transformers cartoon. I took it a step further and put it coming out of a Autobots logo cutout.

  • R2-Tea2 by Chris 51

    I tattooed this on my wife, who is my biggest critic, and biggest pain in my ass to tattoo lol.

  • Tako

    Two years ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which severely altered my hormones, and I fell into a deep depression. It affected my work, finances, and friendships. I spent a lot of time at home reading and browsing the Internet… [ read more ]

  • neck piece Artist Liz Cook

    I’ve always admired the concept behind de los muertos (Day of the dead). The Celebration rather than the mourning of those passed away. Liz Cook was the perfect artist for this piece!!

  • 2015

    Excellent art piece by Omar Lacott

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