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  • Darth Maul By Tamas Dikac

    I love Star Wars, this is the start of a full Star Wars themed sleeve

  • Full Sleeve Color


  • A pound of flesh

    This is the first pound of flesh is the first one I tried and it came with a lot of trial and error, as anyone who has tried to put a stencil on one of these. Portrait is of Bob… [ read more ]

  • Cowgirl CoverUp

    I had a terrible tattoo of a terrible memory that needed to be gone so I chose to cover it up with something all about me.

  • Tennessee Lovin’

    This tattoo proves love and pride for home sweet home, Tennessee.

  • Lucky Luke

  • Gorgeous Flowers

    means a lot to me, each flower is for a family member & it’s just the beginning! going to finish out to a full sleeve, and hand