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  • Video Game Half Sleeve

  • Punk Disney Princesses

    I love all things disney and each disney princess has a different meaning behind it such as Belle (no matter what your significant other looks like, you can still love the same as any other), Snow White (you can have… [ read more ]

  • watercolor lion

    It doesn’t matter what happens,you have to stay strong. It’s also for my friend who died in 2014 by suicide.

  • D.R.E.

  • Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens

    I got this tattoo to represent myself unlocking my future and becoming a teacher. I recently became certified and the owl represents wisdom and knowledge which is what I think of to describe a teacher.

  • Jessica rabbit

    Jessica rabbit was my nickname for years and i had wanted a really pretty jessica rabbit tattoo for a long time. My artist Ian Preece did the most amazing job I have ever seen. Its one of the most incredible… [ read more ]

  • bumble bee

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