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  • Owl Cover Up

    This tattoo is significant to me because it covered up a poorly done tattoo. I find it awesome when you can take something that seems hopeless and turn it into something beautiful.

  • Full Sleeve done by RyanNeedles in San Pedro, CA.

    I first got the cross on my forearm when I turned 18, but now I am 24 and wanted to expand the tattoo into a beautiful art piece covering my entire left arm. So after hours of researching different artists,… [ read more ]

  • Space Skull

    I’ve developed a general theme of skulls, roses, and space and this fell into that category. This was a custom design my tattoo artist created for me.

  • Galactic Tiger

    I love space and cats and my tattoo artist created this custom tattoo for me.

  • kingdom hearts theme

    My favorite video game and a bit of obsession.

  • Skull&crow

    I’ve create this tattoo for a fun Customer who love video game

  • Yelawolf

    Its rad as, n alil bit different. Would love a share from you guys of this or th hummingbird ✌

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