• Athena

    Athena is the Goddess of War, Poetry and Wisdom. My son name is nathenael, that means “protected by Athena”, and “Gift from Heaven”. It’s like having my son under my skin.

  • Issues

    This tattoo is entitled ‘Issues’ inspired by my favorite band Korn and one of their hit songs.

  • Flower (hibiscus)

    Dedicated to mum

  • Batman

    Artist: Emilian Przeracki Diez-Tres 13 ink. Poland – Luxembourg

  • Nurturing branch

    This tattoo represents my siblings as each bird their favorite color, and birds on a branch that comes from my mother’s favorite tree and represents her love for them all.

  • Lighthouse tattoo

    I did this tattoo by looking at a picture. Took 3 sessions. I am on Instagram @markfreitasart or mark freitas in Vacaville,ca

  • Deer&Roses

    This tattoo means a lot to me I’ve always seen Deer Skulls as tough and bad ass and have always wanted one as a tattoo. Though I also wanted it to be slightly girly to show that I am tough… [ read more ]


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