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  • Thinker sleeve

    A sleeve of science & knowledge done by Adam Rose, Fallen Owl Tattoo

  • ass gerbil

    This is a tribute to Richard Gere… actually to his gerbil. Done by Adam Rose of Fallen Owl Tattoo

  • Just my Tats

    Just some fun and sexy tattoos. I don’t usually do deep meaning tattoos. Who knows in 20 years what will, or won’t have meaning to us.

  • flying eyball

    My daughter drew it when she was 5 and said I did a tattoo for you

  • One woman with a gun can control 100 man, than one without one.

    What I go after, I get

  • Pink Roses

    Just something pretty. Did the first one, loved it and went back a few months later and added the second one.

  • Tribal Hip Tattoo #3

    Just a cool design with lots of color.