• Peacock Sleeve by Tina Gray

    This represents the changes I’ve gone through. I’ve had 10 tattoos before this one, and it was a big step for me to have one so visible. I’m a painter and love bright colors.

  • Key Tattoo

    I got this tattoo in dedication to my family because they are the ones who will always hold the key to my heart.

  • Mario Traditional

    I’m a huge video game fan. Nintendo is my shit and this one sick as tattoo so a small little homage to my love for those two.

  • cicrus horse

    It represent to not be ordinary. growing up my whole life I was always different and people always thought I was freaky and made fun of me. This tattoo represents to be extraordinary, not ordinary.

  • Cute tattoos

    This tattoo represents my cute little dog name Toshi, playing in the park so happy like she always do.

  • sleeve in progress

    There is no specific significant reason I got this other than I liked the drawing I drew and decided to just go and get it tattooed on me.

  • japan flowers