• Melting Honey Pooh bear

    Pooh bear was my family nickname.

  • Color Chest Piece/Forearm

  • Elvis 56 Cadillac

    My mom is the biggest Elvis fan around. I grew up listening to Elvis, hearing about his life story and even visiting Graceland twice! The song “That’s All Right Mama” will always remind me of her; I even had it… [ read more ]

  • Alter Ego Mermaid

    I am a scuba diving instructor and I have always felt a kinship with the sea. The ocean is a siren call and it’s only right to honor that. It’s a very different tattoo than I would have gotten when… [ read more ]

  • sexy faith

    My love for beauty, faith, skulls and roses.

  • Boy on the moon

  • Peacock Sleeve by Tina Gray

    This represents the changes I’ve gone through. I’ve had 10 tattoos before this one, and it was a big step for me to have one so visible. I’m a painter and love bright colors.