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  • Flowers and Things

  • Full sleeve

    My life in a different way

  • Absolem

    This tattoo goes along with my March Hare on my bicep from Alice in Wonderland. This is Absolem, a wise caterpillar from the movie. I wanted a caterpillar to show i haven’t gone into my life transformation just yet.

  • My Love for the Sea

    This is a large piece that is only getting bigger! It has been a vision I have had since I could comprehend what a tattoo is so it finally coming alive means a lot to me. All the pain and… [ read more ]

  • My B/A foot Tattoo!

    Well its just plain B/A!

  • Colorful bodysuit

    Looks beautiful, i really love it.

  • watercolor lion

    It doesn’t matter what happens,you have to stay strong. It’s also for my friend who died in 2014 by suicide.

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