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  • Spiritual Sleeve

    I call it my “spiritual sleeve” because it’s everything I personally believe in. I’ve gathered pieces that are connected to religions and beliefs that I found soothing to my soul over my lifetime. I wanted the watercolor style because I… [ read more ]

  • We are made of starstuff.

    I have always been so enthralled by space. I find it fascinating that the atoms that make up our bodies are the same atoms that once made up stars, and vice versa. The universe is so powerful. We are a… [ read more ]

  • Lilly’s

    My grandmothers favorite flowers are oriental Lillies. She is my person. I want to have a piece of her with me at all times.

  • Rest in peace

    In the trees it says pappy and nana. Two family members I have recently lost. Their wings were ready my heart was not.

  • Flowers and Things

  • Full sleeve

    My life in a different way

  • Absolem

    This tattoo goes along with my March Hare on my bicep from Alice in Wonderland. This is Absolem, a wise caterpillar from the movie. I wanted a caterpillar to show i haven’t gone into my life transformation just yet.

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